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Christmas Card Time!

I'm so late on these this year that I didn't think of them until I saw someone on my flist post about them. My bad. That being said...

If you would like a card from me this year, leave me your address in a comment. I will be screening them, so no worries about it floating around the internet.

Happy Holidays, all! =D


Being alone on your birthday is kinda depressing. =(

I Drew Richard Speight Jr.

I was bored, so I decided to draw Richard Speight Jr. (AKA Gabriel from Supernatural, for those that don't know). Click here to see my sketch.


How did I not know this? I'm so out of the loop these days. My hopes of becoming Mrs. Padalecki have been crushed. *sigh*

P.S. In case you were curious, he actually did marry Genevieve Cortese (yes, Ruby!) in February.

P.P.S. Perhaps it's time for my official conversion from Sam Girl to Castiel Girl. I'm not a traitor, I've just moved on.


You left this world exactly one week before your 86th birthday. While we are saddened, we know that you're happy and at peace. As much as we mourn the loss, we also celebrate your life. You were a wonderful man, and you will be missed dearly. Happy birthday, Gramps. We love you, and we miss you.
If you're going to moderate/manage a community, please make sure you can clear your backlog of entries more than twice a year. I really don't need to be spammed with pages of journal entries from as far back as June because you couldn't be bothered.

If you truly do not have the time to manage a community, don't. It is a fairly decent sized community, and I'm sure that one or more of the posters would be more than willing to take over your position. It's definitely something to consider.

(Not So) Sincerely,

Birthday Blues (...Or Not?)

I woke up feeing extremely ill this morning and did not feel like celebrating at all. Didn't feel like eating until dinner, and even then I only ate mashed potatoes. Overall, a very lackluster day. Until...

I got a voicemail from Optimus Prime (sent by my lovely boyfriend best friend)! The fact that it was the highlight of my day proves how much of a nerd (and how sick) I truly am.

Halloween has been selected as the new official celebration of my birth. I shall be dressed as Palin for no other reason than I already have all necessary supplies in my closet.

Protect Your Fan Identity

It has been brought to my attention by bloggingchick that there is a site called Fan History that, as part of a wiki, is keeping profiles of people in various fandoms as part of their database. They collect information on what fandoms you're a part of, what pairings you ship and even the exact date you joined LJ. I know some people like to keep their fandom and real lives private, so the fact that all your fandom activities can be found with a bit of Googling? Kinda disturbing, I'd say.

You can find out if you have a page by searching for yourself on the site or with Google. To get your profile removed, visit this page for more info.

P.S. Through that same site I was able to find Fanworks Finder. While slightly different, it can still be used to find info about things you've posted. Unfortunately, their removal isn't quite as convenient. I've been unable to find out how to exclude yourself from the site completely, but they provide information on how to remove specific links. You can find that here.

Torchwood: Children of Earth

Here there be spoilers...Collapse )

...Don't have much more to say at the moment. But please don't mention any of Day Five! I'm watching it as it airs on BBC America, and we haven't gotten there yet.